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OT Malaysia Research Award

About OT-Malaysia Research Award

The award is introduced by OT-Malaysia to assist more research to be conducted in occupational therapy in Malaysia to support the evidence-based practice. This award provides funding to support pilot projects or small-scale feasibility projects that can build and/or strengthen research capacity in occupational therapy.



Please click on this link to access the full research award details:



Application Criteria

It is open to all Malaysian occupational therapy trained individuals including undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners, and academics that is a member of OT-Malaysia. The maximum amount of the award is RM1000.00 in cumulative.


Duration of Application

The application is open from 15th September to 15th December of the respective year.


Application Form

Please click on this link to register: 


Our Research Exco can be reached out at


The application will be evaluated among the committee member of OT-Malaysia and decision is final. No appeal can be considered.

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