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Membership Plans

All registration and renewal procedures can be now done online.  We accept online payment.

RM 75
Ordinary Member 2021 (+WFOT Individual Member 2022)
(Annual subscription)  Qualified Occupational Therapist from recognised school of Occupational Therapy and being paid up Members in good standing of OT Malaysia with full rights for voting.  They must be citizens of Malaysia.
RM 1000
Life Member
(One-off subscription)   Qualified Occupational Therapists practising or non-practising who wish to become life members by paying one lump sum.  They have voting rights can be elected as office bearers.  Excluding WFOT Individual Member annual subscription.
RM 60
Associate Member 2021
(Annual subscription)   Qualified Occupational Therapist but not citizens or Practitioner from other educational background. Interested in the growth of Occupational Therapy profession.  Shall have no voting rights.  Rights of admission reserved by the Executive Committee.
RM 35
Student 2021 (+WFOT Individual Member 2022)
(Annual subscription)   Open to Occupational Therapy students to become a member but without no voting rights.  Each applicant for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two existing members and shall be forwarded to the secretary, who shall at the first convenient opportunity, submit to the executive committee who may, at its discretion reject any application without assigning any reason thereof.
RM 25
WFOT Individual Member
(Annual subscription)   This membership is only for Life Member.