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Supporting the Community

OT Malaysia has gathered a handful of volunteers to become expert representative, consulting carers / clients / patients who are requiring guidance and support during this pandemic Covid-19 and Movement Control Order (MCO).  Please take note that this consultation is not OT treatment nor therapy.  We advise not to change therapy program that has been set up by your Occupational Therapist.

We just want you to be safe at home

All of our volunteered consultants have share their mobile number so that carers / clients / patients can contact them directly via any means of communication (e.g. voice call, video call, texting etc).

We recommend a fair 45 minutes duration of voice call per session.

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Disclaimer due to restriction of movement

The material and information provided by our therapists are for general information purpose only and provided on good faith due to the “MCO” period from 18th March 2020 to 14th April 2020.
The phone (and other telecommunication device) consultation by our Therapist is not intended to be an alternative for Professional OT advice, diagnosis or treatment, wherein our Therapists are unable to consult the patient due to the restriction of movement.
Always seek the advice of your therapist or other qualified therapists with any question you may have regarding your condition.
Reliance on any information or consultation provided by our therapist over a phone is solely at your own risk and the Association will not be held liable.

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We care about you

We are dedicated to give our best interest to the community.  Should any carer / client / patient would like to give a comment or feedback regarding phone consultation service, please email to


We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Volunteer Directory Occupational Therapists (OTs)

Find your preferred OTs based on their expertise.
NAMEMobile NumberExpertise
Bharathydevi Ramalingam016-5336787Children & young people
Bujang Anak Pungar011-5638435Children & young people
Navitha Jayaraj014-3335962Children & young people
Nor Syaliza Ahmad019-6142912Children & young people
Nur Ayunni Filzati A Muhaime013-7308834Children & young people
Nuraini Ruslaini014-5149173Children & young people
Taufik Afandi Mohamad Alias016-5456963Children & young people
Vino Mohanasundran016-5537756Children & young people
Hanafiah Mohamad019-2216575Mental health
Tengku Mohd Asri Tengku Makhtar016-3381951Mental Health
Aimi Shahirah Mohd Pisol019-3433564Neurological
Wahidatul Abdah Ahmad Al-Hassan Pang012-6977566Neurological
Nur Shuhada Suntong013-4635192Older people
Ammar Sam011-24300694Work / Industry / Occupational Health