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OT Malaysia exclusive page for members and public to feed all information and response related to MCO (and post) due to the pandemic Covid-19.

All about COVID-19 by MoH Resources for Occ. Therapists by WFOT Phone Consultation for Clients / Carers Analysis & Research by Local Occ. Therapists (Coming Soon)

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Important Announcements for Occupational Therapists!

We will keep you updated on any announcements made for the Occupational Therapists.  Please contact us if you would like to share any relevant announcement related to the pandemic Covid-19 situation.

Published date: 27/3/2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the lives, health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities worldwide1. Populations are needing to understand, adjust and compensate their daily routines in order to participate in their usual occupations or discover new ones. As a result, the delivery of occupational therapy practice, education and research are needing to adapt to accommodate the required changes to enableengagement, safety and wellbeing.

To read a full statement, please click here.

Published date: 18/3/2020


To assist occupational therapists, the statement provided several suggestions. This is not exhaustive and limited to clinical practice however should be taken whenever relevant and appropriate. The guideline is divided into several phases…

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Published date: 18/3/2020


Selaras dengan pengumuman yang di buat oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia pada 17 Mac 2020 dalam pembendungan wabak COVID 19. Pihak Persatuan Terapi Carakerja Malaysia ingin memberikan cadangan sebagai panduan untuk mengendalikan pesakit ketika musim wabak ini.


To read a full statement, please click here.

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If you would you like to share any news / updates / tips / or any materials to members and public at our website, please email to


In response to COVID-19 situation, OT Malaysia is taking initiative to support OT clients and carers to stay safe and keep the covid-management at home.

We would required a handful of volunteers to become our Expert Representative.  The main role is to give expert advise to clients and carers through voice call.


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We are looking for Occupational Therapists who are doing public awareness story/news videos related to Covid-19 awareness and management to clients/carers.

The videos could be from Facebook or YouTube.

The videos could be targeted to young children, adult or elderly.

If you are the owner of the videos or if you know someone who does, please PM/DM us at our official facebook group ‘OT Malaysia’.

Let’s support the community together by spreading public awareness on OT during this pandemic Covid-19 situation.

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