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The Malaysian Occupational Therapy Association (OT Malaysia) is a professional independent and non-political organisation.  Interest in the formation of the association started in the late sixties which led to its inauguration on 20 March 1969 with members who were all trained overseas mostly from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and India.  OT Malaysia become a full member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) in 1990.

  • Full Member of World Federation Occupational Therapists (WFOT).
  • Registered Member of Malaysian Confederation of Allied Health Professional Associations (MyCAHP).

The association aims to promote the profession and it supports the development, use and practise of Occupational Therapy in Malaysia and the world.  This is achieved through programs related to education and research, professional development and promotion, publication, membership drive and quality and standard.  All members are obliged to base their professional conduct on the Code of Ethic and professional conduct which was adopted in January 1995.  Nationwide, we have an estimated of >2000 Occupational Therapists practising in Malaysia.  

Occupational Therapy concerns with Activities of Daily Living, Productivity and Leisure.  Individual should have a balance of that.  ADL for instance personal hygiene, eating, functional mobility, communication, walking, stair climbing dressing, medication routine and sexual expression.  Productivity activities including work for pay, housework, and educational activities.  Leisure activities, which can include socialising, exercising, relaxing, participating in a sport, working on a craft such as painting or needlework, or anything that provides the individual with opportunities for enjoyment, relaxation, recreation, personal growth and goal achievement.

Please click on the link to access OT Malaysia Constitution –> <Constitution_2019>

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